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A New Year!

Out with the old and in with the new...that's what is say on the turn of the year. 2018 was quite the year with the publishing of my memoir, Woman in Scarlet. It has been such a success, selling 52 copies in one day just before Christmas in the US. Never would I have anticipated the interest in my writing or in my story.

In August, I adopted a puppy which has changed my life in so many way...some good and some not so much!! He is a black curly Havenese breed locally in the area. His name is Orion ....the warrior and he is!

On, November 2oth at 8:00 AM, I received a phone call from my oldest sister advising me that

" Mom had just passed away", unexpected but not in some ways. No one ever wants to hear those words, but yet it's a journey we are all on. As an executor of the estate along with my brother, we were immediately thrown into a world of funeral arrangements, lawyers, accountants and banks. Thank Heavens my family is close and willing to assist any way they could . All that could be accomplished was in a week. Lessons learned were: always have two executors who work well together and have your funeral arrangements all paid for in advance and all organized. That made the process so seamless.

On December 10th, I under went major surgery which is changing my life already. I had a stomach sleeve procedure which removes a large portion of your stomach. A month post surgery, and I have lost over 20 pounds and my grocery bill has dropped considerably. I waited for two years for the surgery but I'm really happy with it to date.

Christmas was celebrated with my daughter Jasmine and her husband Kurtis and their dog Harlow. It was a quit laid back...a week of dogs and games and movies. We all needed it!

The weather on Vancouver Island has been awesome, feeling more and more like spring everyday. Well that's mu catch up. I have to get ready to go to my singing lessons.... see never too old to reach out for your dreams. until next time......." It not about how you survive the storm but how you dance in the rain"!

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