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Expanding " Woman in Scarlet"!

It's been a while since I sat down and did any blogging . My apologies are in order. It's been an exciting 4-5 months, with the world under threat of Covid-19, and as a result living in social isolation. While the pandemic has been raging, I have taken yet another leap of faith.

With the assistance of Terry Mitchell, who is amazing, by the way, Woman in Scarlet has been transformed into a hard copy book. I have to tell you that this is very exciting and beyond my wildest dreams. The intent of moving forward to a hard copy book was to make my memoir much more desirable to libraries, book stores, universities and colleges around the world. I'll keep you posted as to how that all moves forward.

Woman in Scarlet is now available to an expanded distribution list which includes: Amazon.ca. Amazon.com, Nook by Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Kindle and books2read.com.

I also added two professional book reviews to my website. It was nerve racking waiting for the reviews to come in from Midwest Book Reviews and Kirkus Book Reviews. I was told that a positive review wasn't guaranteed, and the reviewers could be less than kind. I'm very happy to report that both reviews came back very positive and was very uplifting for me. I've added both of them to my website, if you are interested in reading them.

Over the past year I have also been contacted by two Canadian Production companies interested in purchasing the movie and TV rights to my book. The interest is in creating a limited series, which is so timely with the "Me Too Movement", and who doesn't love to watch a true story unfold in front of you. I'm hopeful that my story will be told, and will be an inspiration to women of all who face adversity in their lives.

Well, that's it for now! Stay tuned because big things are coming for Woman in Scarlet!

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