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Fulfilling My Purpose!

I totally believe that the reason I was placed on this earth was to uplift people. To help people find the best in themselves and to believe in their own greatness. Since publishing " Woman in Scarlett", I have had the opportunity to re-connect and to meet new members of the RCMP. Many connected me to congratulate me on my book, but just as many wanted to reach out to me and to share their journey. There is something to be said about being genuine and transparent. Everyone goes through stuff in life at various stages of their lives, and I don't think that anyone is exempt from the trials and tribulation that come our way. The key is how we deal with the stuff. I bottled my stuff up which caused me to enter into the world of PTSD. My mental illness didn't just hurt me, but hurt my greatness gifts which are my daughters, Jasmine and Whitney. They paid a price and are still paying a price that was too high. That is true for everyone who suffers in silence. By being forthcoming, the shame of mental illness is relinquished because as the old saying goes: The Truth will set you Free"!