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The publishing of my book has been an unreal experience on so many levels. I was advised today by my publisher that 'Woman In Scarlet' has made it to three top selling list in Canada. And besides that awesome news, the memoir also made it to the most desires memoir list. Who would have thought that all these amazing things would be happening. No me! I never thought I was worthy even or good enough to experience this kind of success. I have to believe that my vision of telling my story from stage will be the next level of achievement that will be bestowed upon me. It is that vision that I've held very close to my heart for many years. I want people to know that because you have an illness whether physical or mental doesn't mean that your can't attain your greatness or your dreams. Greatness is in all of us. We just have to be diligent enough to search it out and to run with it. Never say Never !

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