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Award winning author and Keynote  Speaker shares her experiences as one of the first women in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Audiences have laughed and were brought to tears as Karen shares her 28 year journey as a trailblazer  and pioneer.

The groundbreaking true story of life as a woman in an elite, male-only police force

Woman in Scarlet

“...a thoughtful and compelling memoir of a courageous and strong woman who was part of the first female class to be accepted and graduate in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.”

-Laurie Beverley



“The book is also a reminder for those of us who are not in law enforcement of the important role police officers play in our society and the personal cost they pay to maintain the law”

-Kevin Dougherty

 Independent journalist and editor

I enjoyed the words of wisdom and insight [Karen] interspersed throughout...​[Her] writing about this [topic] is powerful. This is a story that deserves to be shared."

-Marguerite Baker

Retired teacher and friend

Please watch my interview

( below)with CTV Vancouver Island  where I shared a couple memories of being one of the first women in the RCMP.

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